A happy new look for Ms. Humdrum Lamp

flower lamp makeover

Hey readers, do you think the internet has enough room for yet another lamp makeover? I’ll share a quick little project I undertook to keep my energies groovin' while in a slump.

I never know when I’m gonna get bit by the creative bug. I’m not one of those lucky individuals who bask under a steady waterfall of juiciness like writers or other varied artists. It’s more like a start and stop kinda thing. Still, you gotta act when inspiration strikes, right?

Luckily, a rather boring lamp standing sentinel at my bedside volunteered for a little extra attention.

Too bad I didn’t think to grab a picture in its plain state because even with slight embellishments, it went through quite a transformation.

Initially, I wanted a splash of color for the base since my room is mostly shades of soft greens, blues, and lots of cream, so I surprised myself by falling in love with a clock I found at Marshal’s in a mouth-watering vanilla. It just looked so creamy and rich and good enough to eat! Lol.

I also wanted a trim of crystal beads or coins, the kind you’d find sewn on a belly dancer’s hip scarf. You see, I like sparkly, moving, noisy things like bells and other items that tinkle and shine. (I must be part magpie.) But after a trip to the local fabric/craft shop, I wasn’t about to part with a limb for a yard of fancy trim.

Alternatively, I could have gone with a thrift shop sweater to cover the shade or even a pretty swatch of fabric would work, but I didn’t want the light output dimmed in any way, which is why I don’t like colored or gold-lined shades. My lamp’s for reading not mood-setting.

And so I ended up at the Dollar Store clutching a handful of flower stems. Now, I just know you feel as I do that flowers on a lampshade are so done. But by this time I was weary of second guessing myself and of self-imposed roadblocks. I can’t even begin to tell you how often I get stuck in the planning stage. Let’s get on with it already!

After multi coats of spray paint on the lamp base, I tackled the shade. Trimming the stems off the coral dahlias with wire cutters was simple enough and applying the flower tips (and the occasional leafy green) with my mini glue gun was a snap. 

I thought four stems (about twenty flower heads) were enough to trim the lower edge, but in the end I had to purchase one more. And I also picked up a roll of coordinating ribbon for the top edge since I thought the whole look was a bit off balance without it.

My reading space
And here it is!

Though not exactly what I’d envisioned initially, nevertheless it turned out just right. Okay, maybe a little on the frilly side, and it reminds me a bit of a tutu, but it works. I got my splash of color in the flowers and since I just kept them on the lower edge instead of covering the entire shade, there’s still plenty of light needed for reading.

Not bad for a spur-of-the-moment project to satisfy a creative urge and a lesson in flexibility, amiright? And every day, I love it a bit more.


  1. Regina, I have missed your nuggets of wit and wisdom. Glad you are posting and sharing your artistry with the world.
    Life in a pandemic brings plenty of challenges and oodles of solutions, if we sincerely look.
    I love your colorful lamp. It's charming, whimsical and perfect for your reading space.

    May you continue to discover, unravel and share the many layers of girl to midlife with all of us.


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Linda. I think the hardest part was deciding how I wanted to decorate my little lamp and moving forward with it. And I DO love it. Ms. Lampshade is no longer humdrum and deserves a new name.

  2. Regina,

    You do know there is a market for a lamp of this type? I am seeing it place in sitting rooms everywhere. Shining the light on avenues of income.



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