A modern-day proxy marriage in Ghana

As a fan of historical romance, marriages of convenience, by arrangement, or by proxy are familiar fare. However, this is the first time I've seen it as a modern romance set in traditional Ghana culture. It's an eye-opener into West African societal roles and gender clashes.

At first, I kept getting lost in the myriad of family members, but likable Afi kept me focused on her unusual circumstance; marrying an unknown man by proxy primarily so his family could oust his much-despised, live-in girlfriend. And the benefit of this crazy arrangement? An improved living situation for the twenty-something woman and her mother. 

Afi enters the marriage incredibly naive and comes out forged by fire; stronger, wiser, and unwilling to settle for second best.

Family doesn't always know best (one must always be on the lookout for matriarchal manipulators) and people aren't always what they appear. It's a story of girlish hopes, dashed dreams, and personal triumphs. I really liked the spine-building bits.

Though His Only Wife reads like a cautionary tale for every woman who believes or hopes she can change her man, you’ll find dashes of humor and wit throughout. The writing’s engaging. And while I didn't always agree with Afi's choices, I understood where she was coming from, and I could appreciate her journey. I cheered her on, was outraged on her behalf, and cried along beside her. 

Afi deserved much more than successful slimeball Eli (whose family had me pulling my hair out and her family was almost as bad) but alas, it’s always only after some rough life experience for us to realize these things, amiright? 

I read this one all through the night; it's a very enjoyable read. 4 stars.

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  1. Love this review! I have to read this book. Thank you for showcasing authors and backgrounds I would never have thought to read. To brave women who awaken their inner badness—let's go girl.


    1. Great! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. His Only Wife was a departure from my usual historical romance and I'm not quite sure why it caught my eye, maybe because I caught a whiff of romance in the blurb. Trying a new author can be so hit 'n miss. Medie's debut novel is a definite hit.


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