It's the most wonderful time of the year (and it's not Christmas)

fall harvest, pumpkins, marigolds


It's mid-August but I already feel fall in the air.

I see the first fallen colored leaves on the lawn when I water in the morning, and I'm getting visions in my head of ripe, orange pumpkins. I see cornstalks tall and leafy in neighborhood gardens. Yep, my most favorite time of the year is fast approaching.

It brings to mind when I lived in Salem, how my friend and I would drive the rural farmland in the outskirts of town. The long stretches of road dotted with pumpkin patches and country stores selling fresh produce, the crisp freshness in the air.

Usually, I get my pumpkins at the market, but in Salem we were like kids running from road stand to road stand. And before you think of wedging a full-sized bale of hay into the trunk of your Toyota Camry to take home, line it with a tarp first. It'll save you from vacuuming bits of straw for weeks to come. But it sure looked super-cool on the porch leading up to Halloween.

The vibrant apples, pears, and cranberries that will soon make their appearance have the bakers abuzz and planning culinary delights, and I'm betting that leafers have their hiking boots stashed in the car and cameras at the ready. And who knows if trick-or-treaters will be set loose this year? Doesn't matter. My creepy jack-o'-lantern is a done deal.

Years ago, I read a horror short story about a possessed jack-o'-lantern, how a father and two young sons went to a pumpkin seller for their own jack-o'-lantern. The older son was a bully with a mean streak; the younger was the unfortunate target. They bring the pumpkin home and horror commences in the darkest hours. 

I've been looking for that story for years. Kinda hard, though, when I can't remember the title or even the author. So if it rings any bells, let me know, alright?

My love of romance novels shares the stage with my penchant for horror tales; those of a supernatural variety like haunted houses get top billing. Autumn just brings out that side of me. I've got the newest release by Paul Tremblay (Survivor Song) on hold at the library, which has a glowing review by Stephen King. Perfect timing.

Short of heading back to Salem, I'll simply have to recreate those harvest-fun moments in here southern Oregon. Funny how it took moving away to discover something that may already be in my own backyard.

Better late than never.


  1. Totally agree. I am so over summer. Enough already. Fall is refreshing it truly is the best time of the year. Much to look forward to. I would greatly appreciate if you get more info on that spooky story about the man wiythe two sons...I was getting into that story.
    Happy harvest time.

    1. It's like a song that gets stuck in your head, rattling around in there until you go nuts. Creepy tales, hot tea, baked goodies—bring 'em on!

    2. I am so ready for hearty foods...creamy soups, mashed potatoes real honest to goodness food. By the way, start baking and I will gladly sample everything. Longing for cooler days. Come on fall show yourself. Cheers.


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