How to be a magnet and draw the good stuff in

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Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could taste it, no matter how far fetched or pie in the sky it seemed? Thought on it so hard and for so long, sometimes even years, that it felt like you lived and breathed it? And then one day, wham, it just seemed to materialized out of the blue?

Some may call it the law of attraction at work, others may believe their god gave it to them. You may even just call it fate or serendipity or plain, good ole fashioned luck. Whatever you think, understand one thing: you were the magnet that made it happen. 

Speaking your desire out loud, cramming your Pinterest account with vision boards, jotting it down in your journal, or creating a bullet list of goals; each of these activities are steps that bring to you what you want. 

A non-believer, eh? Sounds too simple? A process doesn't have to always be complicated to work, you know. A lot of times, simple is best.

In my early teen years, I was travel mad. Or more accurately, England mad (an anglophile if you want to get upper crust about it). I flipped through and dog-eared pages of tour books I ordered (yes, through the mail) from major airlines and travel agencies, willing myself in those pictures. I signed up as an exchange student for the summer through my school. My family hosted foreign students. I saved money just in case the improbable happened. Unfortunately, the summer study fell through. 

After the shock of disbelief faded, once I accepted there was no England in my near future, out of the blue, my parents said they would send me. Although a couple of my older siblings had moved on, the house was still filled with kids, all of us pulling on their meager finances. My adult self wonders how (and why) they made it happen, but back then my clueless, all-about-me teen self didn't question it. I was making a solo trip to England!

It took years in the making, but it happened.

One early summer about 13 years ago, I wanted to buy a house. At the time, I was living in Ashland with my best friend and my kids. Ashland is a beautiful small, touristy town but also an expensive place for housing. Since I was looking for cheap, I had to go elsewhere to buy.

I think we ended up visiting Sweet Home—a 3.5 hour drive north—because it was small, had a growing housing market, and it sounded, well sweet. How could I go wrong with a name like that? 

I guess it was a sign when, in response to excited questions about relocating there, a local deadpanned, "Run." 


After a fruitless search, but a nice mini vacay nonetheless, and happy to be back in Ashland (hey, I can still rent), we started volleying what we really wanted. Back and forth we went: four bedrooms, 2 baths, lots of space, quiet with clean surroundings, a fireplace, a garage. 

And the biggest hoot? Not more than $800 per month. Ha. As if.

We didn't know this, but you see, the magic was already sparking

That December our landlord's daughter bought a house and wanted to know if we'd move into her old place. Yep, just like the one mentioned above. For six-fifty a month. And we'd fill-in as onsite managers.

In January, we moved in, laughing all the way.

How are you creating your magic? Do share.


  1. I love it! The story, the photo and focusing on what you want instead what you don't want. Hurray. As a believer in the law of attraction, miracles this wonderful story proves thoughts become things—so choose the good ones. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!

    1. It really is exciting when dreams, wishes, and goals manifest! You're right about choosing the good thoughts; we become what we think about. Even I tend to forget my (super) power!


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