3 Secrets of the crows

crow on ledge
After a late movie night, I woke ungodly early a mere few hours later to the terrible racket of what seemed to be a crow convention in the oak tree outside my window. Aww, com'on.

Resigned to no more sleep, I checked my phone. My sister had texted me in the early hours.

My elderly mother tested positive for coronavirus.

I already was on alert since my mother had just had surgery earlier in the week, had gone home, but was in hospital again when fever kicked in. Now she's in quarantine.

Those doggone crows started up yet again a couple hours later, disturbing my peaceful, quiet morning. Why pick this tree this early in the morning? I mean, hello?

Thank you for your message! Focus on the positive. Detached from negativity. Thank you!

My roomie was out on the patio thanking those loud-mouthed birds.

Hearing those words of thanks floating through the window checked my simmering annoyance. Duh, how could I forget? There's lots of positive to see, according to crow medicine.

On a larger scale, our country is suffering through some serious turbulence, a hotbed of hate and injustice. You might say there's nothing positive about that.

There's a wanna-be leader, a narcissist in the highest office wreaking destruction and division. Blacks are being killed by police for no other reason that they can without fear of reprisal. How can any of that be positive? Well, I'm grateful to those quick-thinking, courageous people with phones to video this stuff in real time. A definite plus.

And do the prospects look good for an 80-year-old woman with COVID-19? One can hope for the best, yet it could just as easily be the opposite. What could be the good for my mother? What could be the good for those left behind if it came to that?

Sniffing out the good in ugly is challenging.

But it's there.

The good may not be obvious in the midst of the action, but rather found in its aftermath, yet unseen.

They may not be the results we want or hope for, but anyone who understands healing will know one must forge through the pain of loss, injustice, or oppression to be renewed on the other side.

  1. Focus on the positive.
  2. Detached from negativity.
  3. See opportunity in every challenge.

This is what the crow says. (Find out more about animal medicine.)

And as the feathered gathering above my home gets louder, as if to say listen up listen up, I can't help wonder how much I'll need to lean on these reminders in the days, weeks, and months ahead.


  1. Regina, this is fantastic!

    The animals remind us to awaken and rejoice for a new day is upon us. Crow medicine is loud. It demands that we hear and act upon what is being set before us. There has definitely been a shift in mass consciousness regard Black Americans; and the world has responded and declared that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

    May be peace and understanding be your guide as you navigate personal family challenges.

    Cheers. Linda.

    1. Can I get a fist bump? Black Lives Matter! It feels pretty cray-cray out there. Talk about going down in the history books! Thank you for checking in.


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